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 Perfect World

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PostSubject: Perfect World   Perfect World I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 09, 2009 9:30 am

A relatively new free MMORPG, I just got the game discs this past week and plan on playing asap. From what I've read and seen on videos, this game has a pretty unique outlook, and most of the races seem pretty interesting. Half-fox characters, flying elves, and on the game disc there even looks to be a giant panda-man. From what I played in a previous version (which was like 10 minutes) the game seems very much like World of Warcraft in game play type and I spent a great deal of that time attempting to double-jump up obstacles to see how high I could get. Good fun there.

Perfect World is free to play and you can buy special items and whatnot in their game mall. You can also get a free copy of the disc as well so you don't have to download it and they have a reliable delivery service. All you have to do is pay the shipping and handling which came up to about $5.00 USD.

I'll let you know how the game is when I play it more. Till then, cheers!
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Perfect World
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