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 X-Box 360: Mercenaries 2

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PostSubject: X-Box 360: Mercenaries 2   X-Box 360: Mercenaries 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 09, 2009 9:17 am

Here's a game I've been playing lately. Mercenaries 2. If you like the Grand Theft Auto series, you'll like this game. You take on the persona of one of 3 characters who have been scorned by their contractor and now are going after him. "Everybody Pays". Like GTA, it's a free-roaming world, meaning you can do the missions, or you can just run off on your own, kicking the crap out of whatever you see. You can steals car or tanks, grab RPG Bazookas and fire them at buildings, and collect resources using your helicopter pilot. It's an interesting game overall (though not my particular favorite) and definitely a better play than GTA.

  • Graphics: 8/10 - Fairly realistic graphics.
  • Sound: 7/10 - Again, fairly realistic, characters often made funny comments, but they got repetative pretty fast.
  • Variety: 10/10 - Lots of things to do and lots of different factions to join/betray/annihilate. Plus, who can resist the tanks?
  • Duration: 6/10 - I can actually say for once that I've played a game that was just too long. It would be a lot easier if you could fast-transit instead of having to drive everywhere.
  • Playability: 7/10 - This game is fairly easy to play, though probably not something for your mom or grandma.
  • Fun Factor: 9/10 - For people who like this genre, this game is a blast.

Final Rating: 8/10 - If you like GTA, this game is worth buying. If you don't but are still interested, I'd recommend just renting it.

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X-Box 360: Mercenaries 2
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