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 Wii Game: Dokapon Kingdom

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PostSubject: Wii Game: Dokapon Kingdom   Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:48 am

I found this game one day when I went out job-searching and stopped by Gamestop on my way home. To briefly summarize this game: Think Medieval Mario Party. The basic concept of the game is 4 players duke it out in order to take control of Towns scattered across an expansive world map. You have to battle monsters using a basic turn-based battle system and if you win, you get experience towards leveling up. You have to start out as either a Warrior, Thief, or Mage, but as you master your job, more open up like Ninja, Cleric, Alchemist, and Spellsword. Also, as a bit of fun, if you're in last place and want to even the score, you can become a super-powerful demon monster for a set number of turns and wreck having in the most annoying of fashions. I definitely recommend this game for anyone who likes party-games, but take heed of the warning on the box, because this truely is a friendship-destroying game Razz

Graphics: 7/10 - Most of the characters and monsters are chibi-types.
Sound: 6/10 - Rarely a change in song except during encounters and fights.
Variety: 9/10 - There are lots of different things to do, as well as an uncountable amount of items and equipment to find.
Duration: 10/10 - You can set the length of your game in terms of how many weeks (each week is 7 turns) you want to play, so you can play a quick game or one that spans over several days.
Playability: 8/10 - It's kind of difficult to learn at first, but once you catch on it's a cinch. Hell my grandma plays it with us.
Fun Factor: 10/10 - All kinds of evil deeds to perform on your enemies, like drawing on their faces or even changing their name or hairstyle!

Overall: 9/10 - I definitely recommend this be bought.
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PostSubject: Re: Wii Game: Dokapon Kingdom   Sun Jul 19, 2009 2:08 pm

It's not as difficult once you get down the rock-paper-scissors part behind it, and once you figure out that the low level monsters appear in only certain areas, and that you should only try to take on those at first, the game becomes a -lot- easier.

I read a review somewhere that it wasn't a "good game for a casual gamer". >.> Because it's "too hard No ". I consider Grandma a casual gamer, and she does fine at this game.
I think if you have the patience to actually learn the game, it's not hard at all. Maybe a little moreso than Mario Party, but not by much.
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Wii Game: Dokapon Kingdom
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